12 Steps to a New Life in Jesus

What I have written about in "I Will Give You Rest" can be
summarized in 12 Steps.

The following 12 steps will make much more sense
after you have read the online chapters.    In each step
I have listed the relevant chapters.  The chapter
numbers are in blue if they are an active link to the text
of the chapter.  The chapter number is in
green if the
chapter is not posted online (and available in the blue
font or on the left of the page).

The 12 Steps:

1.        There is pain and difficulty in my life and
(Psalms 6:2-3).  (Chapter 2)

2.        I came to discover that no matter how hard I tried to
overcome these problems,
I couldn't do it (Romans 7:15).  
(Chapter 2).

3.        I have come to recognize that these stubborn
patterns in my life are the
inevitable reaping of the
consequences of my sin
- bad fruit from a bad root (Mathew
(Chapter 3)

4.        My willpower was incapable of overcoming these
problems, and I now realize that
only the blood of Jesus is
able to set me free from this bad fruit
(Romans 7:25).  
(Chapter 3).

5.        It is not the fault of those who hurt me that I am now
struggling, because what has me in bondage are my own
sinful reactions to what they did.  
I am now determined to
forgive others
so that I will be forgiven by the Lord Jesus
(Luke 6:37).  When Jesus takes away my sin and fills
that place with His Holy Spirit, a miracle happens, and I
become like Him in that place inside me.  
(Chapter 4 and

6.        I realize that I am not alone on this quest to become
like Jesus Christ, because Jesus is always with me as I
proceed on this path.  This transformation is God's primary
goal and desire for my life, and Jesus died to make this
(Hebrew 12:10).       (Chapter 6).

7.        I recognize that it is a part of my fallen nature to
judge, and that not only do
I frequently do this now, but I
have a backlog of bitter roots that God wants to remove
(Matthew 18:22).  (Chapter 4 and Chapter 13).

8.        I now know that I must always keep a fearless
inventory of the areas of pain and difficulty in my life, and I
have given Jesus Christ permission to work in my life to
show me the root causes of these patterns
(Revelations 3:20).  
Therefore I make it a constant practice to
leave no negative
emotion unexamined
, and to diligently pray whenever my
sin is the cause of my pain.  
(Chapter 11).

9.        I am determined to love myself (Matthew 22:39), the
part of me made in the image of God.  I diligently work with
the Lord to restore this relationship with myself.  
(Chapter 9
Chapter 18).

10.        I realize that Jesus Christ is my living Lord, and I
seek to remove all barriers in me that might inhibit my
communing with Him and with myself
(Hebrews 10:19-22).  
(Chapter 9 and Chapter 14).

11.        I regularly set aside time to spend with myself and
the Lord Jesus, to hear what they are saying to me, and to
pray as necessary
(Psalms 4:4), because I recognize that this
process of being changed into the image of Jesus is a
lifelong walk.  It is a radically different and new way of living
daily with myself and with the Lord Jesus (praying without
1 Thessalonians 5:17).  (Chapters 15 & 17).

12.        It will be great help to me to find at least one other
who is willing to faithfully walk with me on my
journey of healing
(James 5:16).  (Chapters 14 & 15).

I would recommend that you buy the book
so that you can have it constantly by your
as a tool to help you walk out your new life in Jesus.

Copyright 2008 Edward Kurath
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