Chapter 9
There Is Buried Treasure
(taken from the book "I Will Give You Rest" by Edward Kurath)

    This chapter (Chapter 9) is perhaps the most
    profound presentation in this book.

    It will help you to understand yourself and how you
    got wounded, and will therefore help you to better
    understand how to be set free.

Because it contains so much information this chapter is
broken into 4 sections.

Two Places In You
"Who am I?"  Haven’t we all asked ourselves this question?
Philosophers throughout the ages have written on this subject,
and the conclusions are diverse.  However, God knows who we
really are and what we are like.  He has revealed a great deal of
this in His Word, because He wants us to know who we are.  
Unfortunately, the world’s philosophies have contaminated the
Christian understanding of what people are like; so even as
Christians we have probably been given a wrong picture of our
nature as human beings.  What is important is what God has to
say about us.

What I present in this chapter is not a full or exhaustive
description of humanity.  We are complex and multifaceted.  I will
keep my focus narrow to demonstrate that there are other parts
to our being besides our conscious faculty.  There are several
parts of us below our level of consciousness (what I will refer to
as "hidden"), including a part that is not "bad," that has a "will" of
its own, is human, and is a part of us.  The model I will now
present helps me explain to you how the parts of us interact and
react as we experience life.

A Diagram Of You
When the Lord created you, He created a place hidden down
inside of you where he placed several attributes, such as your
personal spirit, your emotions, your creativity, your curiosity,
your imagination, your intuition, your masculinity or femininity,
your spontaneity, your gifts, and your talents.

At this point I will not place a label on this place "inside."  A label
is not nearly as important as the awareness that there is a place
where these attributes dwell.

Another Place
There is another place the Lord created in you wherein dwells
your willpower, your intellect, and your consciousness.  We are
consciously aware of this part of us.

What Do We Call These Two
The place "hidden inside" that contains your personal spirit has
been given many labels by various people, including “heart,"
"center," "inner child," the "real self," our “true self," the "wonder
child," our "inner man," etc.  There are many additional terms. I
have found that all of these terms are problematic, either because
they are inadequate or they have become "loaded" with other
meaning.   For instance, "Inner Child" is a term that has been
captured by New Agers and has become loaded with their
meanings.  I am going to choose to use the term "Treasure
Inside" in this chapter, though in other places in this book I may
also use the terms "heart" or "inner man," depending on which
term seems most appropriate to the context.

    What we call these places is not as important
    as knowing what attributes dwell therein.

Regarding the part of us which contains our willpower, intellect,
and consciousness, there are also several labels others have
given to that place. Fortunately, the names for this part of us are
less problematic than are the words used for our "inside" (our
Treasure Inside), so I will call this conscious part our "head."

There is another factor that is dynamically important in our

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Divinely  Designed
Being changed into the image of Jesus