"I Will Give You Rest"

This video set covers 16 of the 19 main chapters of
the book, plus one Appendix chapter, and parallels the
content of those chapters exactly.

It comes in a set of 7 regular DVD's.

To order
There are three shipping options.
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    have noticed that to the East Coast it  does take up to 3
  • Priority Mail in the USA, which takes from 2-5 business
    day.   So if you want the CD's quickly, you might consider
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Prices are per DVD set, and are in US Dollars.

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Media Mail            $39                             

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$36 plus shipping. E-mail
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If the DVD set does not bless you, than return it to us and we
will give you a full refund.

There are some advantages to a
DVD set:

1.  Use in a small group:
Many people do not feel comfortable teaching the
content of the book to others, but yet would like
to help others get the message of the book and
have their lives transformed.

The DVD set and the two Free Workbooks make it
simple to begin a group
"study" of "I Will Give
You Rest."  You start by watching the DVD's
But the key to transformed lives is to
then have
the people
apply what the book teaches to their
own selves.  That is the strength of a group:

    "Confess your sins to one another and pray
    for one another that you may be healed"
    (James 5:16).

We also have a
free Leader's Guide to help
someone organize and facilitate a group study
and prayer time based on "I Will Give You Rest."

You will have the tools to help the transformation
to actually occur!

It works!  Try it and see.

2.  Visual Learners:
Some people are visual learners, and prefer a
video to reading a book.

The videos were recorded at actual seminars
taught by Edward Kurath.  The camera work is
not professional; but the content is excellent, and
we believe it will bless you.
Divinely  Designed
Being changed into the image of Jesus