Section I: Healing
"I Will Give You Rest"
  • This rest has escaped many.
Why You Are Stuck
  • We all make a huge mistake in thinking we can obey God in
    our own strength.
  • Your will power cannot succeed in producing obedience.
  • But God is big enough, and He provided a way whereby you
    can obey Him.
Remove All The Bad Roots
  • We all have many roots of sin                
  • We continually plant new ones
  • When Jesus removes these roots, we can obey Him
Judging Causes Problems                                           
  • We all have a tendency to judge negatively.
  • Such judging causes great difficulty in our lives.
Forgiving Ends These
  • Forgiving from your heart brings forgiveness by Jesus.
  • His forgiveness reverses the damage caused by your judging.
  • How can you forgive when it is hard?
God Is On Your Side                                                 
  • God is protecting you.
  • He is desiring to change you into His image.
Decisions That Bind Us                                            
  • Inner Vows are bitter decisions we make.
  • These decisions lock us into rigid behavior.
  • Jesus provided the way to set us free from bondage to this
    rigid behavior.
"That It May Go Well With You"                           
God said, "Honor your father and your mother, as the
Lord your God has commanded you, that your days may
be long, and that it may be will with you in the land which
the Lord your God is giving you" (Deuteronomy 5:16).  
God was describing reality.  If we do not honor father
and mother, life will not go well for us, and God
mentioned no exceptions.  But, how can a person honor
dishonorable parents?  You need to know what God
meant when He said to honor them, so that life will go
well for you.
There Is Buried Treasure                                       
  • You may have judged yourself as "bad," so you think you need
    to "die to self."
  • But God sees the "treasure" inside you, which is the part of
    you made in His image.
  • God wants to set free this "treasure" you buried.
Your Worst Trauma                                            
Many people are mystified as to why they struggle in life,
even though they came from a "normal" family.  Your
worst trauma was not the bad things that happened to
you, as bad as they may be.  What really hurt you was the
"absence of the good."
If this sounds strange, you need to gain an
understanding of what scientific research on "bonding"
has uncovered regarding how very devastating it is for
a child to not receive all the nurture they needed.  Did
this happen to you?  It happened to most people!
Emotions Are Your Friend                                   
  • Emotions are not sinful or fickle.
  • Your emotions give you important information.
  • Your emotions reliably tell you what is going on inside you.
The Good Part Of You                                   
  • You are not "all bad", because part of you is made in God's
  • That "good part" still exists in you.
  • God wants to set free that "good part".
The Bad Part Of You                                          
In the prior chapter I described the part of you made in
the image of God.  However, there is also a "bad part."  
It is sometimes described as "the flesh," but it may
surprise you what it really is.  The good news is that it is
not our entire self.  However, it does make the mess in
our lives that results in our pain.  You must learn what
this bad part is, and how it operates.
Section II: Fullness of Life
Face To Face With Jesus                                   
The most powerful healing happens when a person
meets Jesus face to face.  This chapter describes the
power to change us that happens in an encounter with
A "New And Living Way"                                     
Here I describe how a face to face encounter with Jesus
can happen.  Many testimonies are included as
Deliverance And Inner Healing                       
Satan and his demons are real and can oppress
Christians.  Jesus can set you free, but Inner Healing
must precede deliverance.  In Luke 11:20-26, Jesus
clearly describes this problem.  It may be vitally
important that you know how to go about this so that
permanent freedom results in your life.
It Is A Journey                                               
Inner Healing is not a one-shot deal.  It must be walked
out moment by moment.  If you don’t understand why
this is true, you will be in danger of losing your healing.
Love, An Essential Ingredient                        
God loves you.  Jesus told us to love ourselves
(Mathew 22:39).  Again, He was simply describing
spiritual reality.  It is absolutely essential to know what
this means, and how to have a loving relationship with
ourselves on a daily basis.
The Big Picture                                               
This chapter summarizes the whole journey to
wholeness.  It helps you to integrate the various aspects
of what you have learned, so that you can effectively
apply all of it.
Section III: Appendices
Some readers have said they got their greatest
blessing from information in the Appendices.
Experiences And Testimonies                        
  • Stories of people who have been healed by Jesus.
  • What is codependence?
  • Why is it destructive?
Communication Differences                         
  • Men and women are different creations.
  • By understanding this difference, we can
New Age Visualization                                  
  • New Age "visualization" is profoundly different
    than experiencing Jesus.
  • Further details for the curious
  • Many more scriptural references.
  • Definitions of key terms used in the book    
  • By Subject
  • By Scripture
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