Who Is Ed Kurath?

You may not know much about who Ed Kurath is, so we will
tell you about him.

Ed is a Christian prayer minister, an author, and a speaker
who ministers internationally.

He is the author of "I Will Give You Rest."

Ed's Credentials and Experience

Ed is a graduate of Denver Seminary, with a Masters Degree
in counseling.

He subsequently completed an internship, and a residency at
Elijah House (a Christian prayer counseling ministry); and he
then stayed on there for 4 years as a Staff Counselor.

For 14 years he has been a Licensed Professional Counselor
and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  He has years
of experience ministering to both individuals and to couples.

He believes that Jesus is the healer, and he ministers from
that perspective.  His views and style is revealed in detail in
his book
I Will Give You Rest.

He and his wife Kay lived in Post Falls, Idaho until Kay went
to be with Jesus in February, 2013.  He now resides and
ministers in the Denver area, Colorado.  He has two children
and seven grand children.

Ed's Story
In addition to the Lord's calling, Ed's major credential is his
own life's struggles and experience.  He believes that you
can not identify with others, or minister to them, unless you
have struggled yourself.

In 1985, Ed found himself in a major personal crisis.  Through
the ministry of others, the Lord used these struggles to bring
healing to him.

As he personally experienced the healing power of the Lord
in his own heart, he found himself becoming very excited.

He was discovering that the Lord's ways really work!

This experience was in stark contrast to the bland
and powerless Christian life he had previously

This profound awareness changed the whole direction of his
life.  He had to share this great gift with others,
or bust.

Eventually he realized that the Lord was calling him into full
time ministry.  He sold his insurance business and embarked
on his new calling.

Throughout his book there are personal stories that reveal
more about his own walk of healing.

His mandate from the Lord is to share the Lord's
healing provision with as many people as possible.

That is the reason for the book, and this website.

There are several ways to contact Ed.

E-mail:    edkurath@divinelydesigned.com

Phone:   208-755-9206

Mail:       Edward Kurath
            2185 Andrew Drive
            Superior, Colorado 80027
Divinely  Designed
Being changed into the image of Jesus
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