Healing Prayer Works

Below is an example of the miracle of forgiving:

I am a jogger, and I live on the side of a mountain.  In the winter it
is icy, and I can't run here; because I will fall and break
something.  Therefore I drive 4 miles to town.  There is a street
that is about 1 1/2 miles out and 1 1/2 miles back that is plowed
and sanded and does not have much traffic.  That is my running
track in the winter.
One day a few years ago I was almost at the far end of the run
when two mid-sized dogs ran out after me.  I have learned that
you don't run from dogs, so I turned on them and I shouted,
"Hey, you get back there."
They skidded to a stop.  The owner was a woman who was
standing on the sidewalk.  She said,
"Hey, don't talk to my dogs like that."
I said,
"Lady, you have to be kidding me.  We are in town, there is a
leash law here.  Your dogs shouldn't be here in the street."
She called her dogs and went inside.
As I continued my run, I was very upset.
I thought, "This is the only convenient place I have to run, and I'm
not going to let them spoil that.  What will I do about it?  I know
what.  I have a foot long steel bar in my garage.  I'll carry that.  
Then when they come out, I'll take care of them."
Then I thought again.  It wasn't really the dogs' fault, and I'd
probably get in trouble if I hurt them.  Then what can I do instead?
"I know what I'll do," I thought.  "I'll carry my cell phone.  Then
when they come out after me, I'll grab one of them by the collar
and call the dog warden.  Then she'll get a ticket, and that should
fix her."
I finished my run, drove home, took a shower, and went to my
office.  As I sat down, I was still chewing over this situation.  As I
grumbled over it, I got the distinct impression that the Lord was
tapping me on the shoulder.  I knew what He wanted: He wanted
me to forgive the woman.  I didn't want to forgive her, and argued
with the Lord.
"But she was so thoughtless.  She had no right to let her dogs
loose, etc, etc, etc."
Eventually I realized I was going to lose the argument.  I
reluctantly agreed to forgive her, though I still didn't want to.  I
was right, and she was wrong.
Initially as I prayed it was pretty mechanical and wooden.  
However, as I prayed, gradually I calmed down; and the
forgiveness became more real.  I forgave her, asked the Lord to
forgive me for judging her.  I asked Him to take out the bitter root I
had just planted, to cleanse that place, and to fill it with His Holy
As I prayed, I began to recognize that she had a permanent scowl
on her face.  It also occurred to me that a healthy person would
have said something like,
"I'm sorry, sir.  Are you alright?  Did my dogs scare you?"
I         realized that she was a wounded and unhappy person.  I felt
compassion for her, and I began to pray for her.  I suspected that
she might not know the Lord, and I began to pray for her
Suddenly it was as though I was struck by lightning.  The change
in my mindset was stark.   I realized that I was now seeing her the
way the Lord sees her.  I wasn't praying for her salvation because
it was the "Christian thing to do."  I was praying for her because I
saw her pain and neediness.

I realized that a miracle had occurred!

Before I prayed, I was a bit nuts.  I was on the throne, she was
wrong, and I was sure I was right.  I was in the mind of the
"flesh."  Bad fruit (my plans to make her pay) was coming from
that bad root.
After I prayed, I saw her neediness and wounding.  I was now
seeing her as Christ saw her.  I now had the mind of Christ.  
Jesus was now in me where the bitter root had previously been
planted, and that new good root was producing good fruit (my
compassion for her).  I wasn't trying to see her with eyes of
compassion.  I simply did.
When we forgive and Jesus forgives us, a miracle occurs.  It is
not something we can accomplish on our own.  We can repress
our anger, or try to be nice; but we can't change what is inside
us.  Only the blood of Jesus can accomplish that change.  And He
does it!  He came and died and rose again to make this possible.  

Copyright Edward Kurath 2007
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