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An Exercise That Will Change Your Life
If you will diligently do this exercise on a daily basis, in
conjunction with the understanding you will gain from "I Will
Give You Rest,"
your life will change.  If you will do this,
Jesus will be able to lead you on your own healing walk to
rest and freedom.

Forgiving Is A Miracle
This is a personal experience of mine that graphically
illustrates the process of forgiving, and how
a miracle
when we do forgive.

What Is Love?
In my book, "I Will Give You Rest," I frequently refer to
love.  But what is real love, where does it come from, and
how can I truly love others?

The Image of God In Man
Does the image of God still dwell in fallen man?  If so, is it
the full meal deal, or has it been corrupted?  It is important
to know the answer to this,question so we know how to
relate to ourselves.  This is crucial to our healing.

12 Steps To A New Life
This is a 12 step program based upon the biblical principles
outlined in "I Will Give You Rest."

Transformation Into The Image Of Jesus Is
Greatly Emphasized In The New Testament
The writers of the Epistles of the New Testament put great
emphasis on this miraculous provision for us in this life.  
How come we so easily miss it?

Doing Life Backwards Causes Us To Fail
We have often thought that in order to please God and to
prove that we love Him, we have to keep His
commandments.  This is backwards!

A Safe Place
A testimony of what the Lord has done for a woman who
was tormented with self-hatred.  He changed all of that.
Divinely  Designed
Being changed into the image of Jesus