Life Changing
By         Wisti  (Idaho)

""I Will Give You Rest" by Ed Kurath is #1 on my list of life-changing books. In this book, Ed
condenses his years of wisdom and intimacy with the Lord in a clear, consise manner to lead
other people into the same deep intimacy. This book brings hope and wholeness to the
hopeless and broken. Ed doesn't write a list of "to dos", but rather gives the reader tools to
allow the Lord to go deep on the inside and do away with the walls that hinder them from
hearing and feeling God's heart for themselves and for others."  .

A Vital tool in our new healing ministry
By         K. Zukowski "Whatever Is Pure"  (The Emerald Coast, FL)

"All our ministers are required to read this, refer to it and I recommend it to everyone!
My Mentor, who has a wonderful anointed recovery crisis home for women and children, has
been in healing ministry for 30 years and had it on hand, giving me a copy that I love. It will
help guide you to HIM to set you free!"  .

Brad Frei

"WOW life is tremendous!!!  Just wanted to say hi and thank you SOOO much again.  
I have never imagined life could be so sweet.  My joy is contagious.  Have been very
faithful to pray through negative emotions and listen closely to Bradley.  Has become
more and more my nature.  
Thank you so much. Hope your book launch is proceeding well.  Both because I wish
for your blessings and also because people are so very desperate to be freed from
the bondage of legalism."  .

Brad Frei / Owner/ Outfitter
Premier White Water & Fly Fishing Adventures
on World Famous Middle Fork of the Salmon
(208)  507-1012

I am including Brad's contact information, because he has graciously offered
to have people contact him if they would like to hear his story.  Brad had
struggled with depression and self-condemnation.

Answers we all search
By         Marilyn Rowsome  (Australia)

"I have been searching for an answer to how to find rest for my soul even as a
Christian who has been serving the Lord as a missionary for over 20 years. I had the
privilege of meeting and hearing Ed Kurath speak two years ago. His message was
life changing for me. I am so glad his insights are now available in book form. His
simple down to earth teaching has helped me to see my own heart and from a new
state of rest to love more fully myself, others but most of all my God. I highly
recommend this book."  .

Powerful Message - Powerful Healing
By         wings4u (Idaho)

"As a former client of Mr. Kurath and lifelong member of the walking wounded, I found
this book to be an invaluable tool in my healing process. While no book, other than the
bible, can give all the answers to every question, this book uncovers some of the most
profound principles that are not discussed elsewhere in the church. Through this book
and my time with Mr. Kurath, I was able to recover my 'treasure' after a 40 year
separation and my entire life was dramatically changed. For those dealing with the
most personal and profound inner struggles, this book offers hope and a real chance
to heal what hurts the most - our spirit."  .

Tom McManus, (Raleigh, NC)

"I have been giving your book to many people, it has ministered to me and others in a
profoundly deep way. What a wonderful gift of joy God has blessed you with to be able
to see God move through you in such a way. There has been a transformation in my
life, I have rarely experienced the instantaneous release from being overcome with
fear and anxiety to absolute peace in Christ that I felt while I was reading your book. It
has been also a reference manual when I have needed a "tune up" or
better yet a "tune in". I feel like the blind man who has been given eyes to
see, I am seeing Jesus clearer and clearer. Thank you my brother."  .

Life Changing
By         Mary E. Numme (Wasilla, AK)

"Do you want to be at peace with yourself and God, and feel good about who you are?
Ed Kurath's book can give you some keys to unlock the person God meant you to be.
His counseling is scriptural, professional and theologically sound, and his caring and
helpful approach comes across loud and clear in his book on Inner Healiing. The
method of pray he suggests can change your whole life for the better. It has mine."  .

Every Christian needs this book!
By         Doug C (Washington)

"This is not only a life-changing book, but it is a book that needs to get in the hands of
every believer, especially when they have just received Christ. This book is so simple
to understand and apply, and it works. You are set free of bondages, walls come
tumbling down, and you begin to see clearly the behaviors that keep us from all Christ
has for us. You will learn how we all judge, everyday and usually several times, and
how we can keep from letting those judgements take root in our heart. That alone in
this book in worth treasure chests of gold and silver. God Bless Ed for seeking the
Lord for his own healing first, and then having the heart to help others be set free as
well."  .

Please Read This Book!
By         Kenneth Gift,  (Maui, Hawaii)

"I Will Give You Rest shines God's light on who we are and how much God loves us.
Instead of just struggling and striving to do better (and never really getting better), Ed
Kurath shows us how to look deep inside where the battles are being won and lost. In
a well-written easy to understand way, Ed gives us tools and encouragement to trust in
God, prayer and the power of the Cross. The GOOD NEWS is we can find rest and
enter into God's healthy and whole best for us! . . . I appreciate Ed's sensitivity in
allowing the Holy Spirit to reveal things to people in His way and His time.  Through
Ed's ministry, my life, my family, and our ministry was unjammed.  We praise God for
him.  Inner healing was the most profound experience, outside of salvation, that either
one of us have ever experienced."  .

A Must For Everyone!, September 3, 2005
By         Vicki Davis  (Fort Worth, TX)

"If one ever has doubted God's love, that doubt will be overshadowed by the truths in
this book! There is a blanket of love overarching everything in it. I could truly feel God's
heart pouring out through Ed's in every line. I am going to recommend I Will Give You
Rest for my prayer counseling clients, my church, and in the prayer ministry schools in
which I'm involved.
Ed has an awesome ability to bring some complex spiritual principles into simple
focus. His analogies are so helpful. I especially have appreciated the credit he gives
to many sources throughout the book and the expanded explanations in the End-notes
at the end of the book. His knowlege of the Word of God is clear, and everything in the
book is based upon it.
Ed is a friend and colleague of many years. I know that he lives what he writes, and
that is why it resonates spirit to spirit. Thank you, Ed, for giving to us from the heart of
God!"  .  

By        Sheri (New Jersey)

"I WAS DESPERATE! I became a Christian as a teenager and spent the rest of my
life wondering why I didn't feel close to God. Over the years I've read scores of
Christian self-help books and followed the teaching of dynamic preachers. Still I felt
dead inside. Ed Kurath's book finally shed light on what was wrong and how to fix it.
The answer is to give up trying to "be" a Christian. The book showed me how to focus
on having a relationship with God - a relationship that begins with my own inner
healing. I had been taught early on that we are transformed by the blood of Jesus and I
believed that, but why wasn't it transforming me? The book dispels some common
beliefs taught in Christian circles that don't transform but create bondage. The
message in this book brought me freedom and rest - an atmosphere where God
comes ALIVE!"  .

Don't run
By         Kim Wohlert  (Coeur d alene, ID, USA)

"Dear Readers,
I am a graduate of this book as well as a former client of the Author.I was at my very
end, when we crossed paths. I was broken and out of all hope. My horrific past had
finally caught up with me. With a vengence! I too was afraid to trust yet another "self
help" book. That's not what this is. This has a way. The techniques can be hard and
painful. By
that I mean no one likes to face things. Who we really are,what we think,why we act the
way we do. This book is an incredible healing tool. Those who are looking for hope,
look here. Face the pain, face the shame, face the fear. You aren't doing it alone. Let
God do his perfect work my friends. At the end is that Peace and Happiness you
longed for. Truth is, it was there all along. But you won't know that till you get YOUR
healing. As for the negative comment I saw on here, running will get you nowhere. My
best to you all."  .

By        J. P. (Florida)
"Your book is giving real understanding and insight to the healing we believe God has
for His body.  As lay counselors we believe your book is giving us a prayer model that
will change lives."  .

For those who are serious about finding rest.
By         lv2read "lv2read"  (Arizona)

"A have read several books on this subject and cannot recommend this book highly
enough for those who are looking for inner healing and rest. Read this book first. I was
privileged to be able to be counseled privately over several days by the author and
found him to be exactly as he portrayed himself to be in the book. The sessions were
very beneficial to my inner healing as a follow up to the book."  .

One of the best books I have ever read
By         John in Montana

"I have read Ed's book...I WILL GIVE YOU REST, at least 3 times. I have also had
intensive counselling from him on 2 different occasions. As a mature Christian, and as
an avid book reader, I can honestly say that this book, and this man have changed my
life for the better. Also, I am an ordained minister, and know enough about the Word of
God, to have some authority on the subject matter. I very strongly encourage every
Christian to obtain a copy of Eds' book. Read it slowly, and with prayer, and I am
certain you will never be the same again. God has blessed the Church with this man
and his God given revelation on subject matter that is rarely taught in churches or bible
studies around the world. I give this book more than 5 thumbs up. It will be an
investment that will reap you rewards for eternity."  .

By         "BoulderBoy"  (Erie, Colorado)

"Seldom does a book come along that resonates so with your heart that you feel
you've just been struck between the eyes with an "Ah ha!" moment. It is a moment
when you think, "This makes total sense. Why didn't I see this before? - I get it!" I WILL
GIVE YOU REST gives a very understandable explanation of how the spiritual and
physical worlds relate and how our sins - anger, judgments, inner vows, bitterness,
etc. - in the spiritual world (in our hearts) negatively affect our daily lives, and drag us
down. We ultimately put ourselves in a spiritual trap, and the only way out is to deal
with whatever put us there in the first place. To whatever degree, we all have regrets.
We all have shortcomings. Some of us have addictions. Many of us have messed up
our lives, or relationships, to the point that we have lost all hope. For some, life is just
empty. For others, perhaps there is something eating away at us that we just can't put
our finger on, but we know it is there. I WILL GIVE YOU REST shows the AWESOME
love of Christ, and how we can not only discover, but deal with these issues head-on
and receive TRUE healing. It provides the tools to break free of the ties that bind us,
so that we can move forward in life with happiness, peace, and freedom. This is such
a remarkable book, it should be leather-bound as a Handbook for All Christians. I
have bought dozens of copies that I give out to not only my Christian friends, but
anyone who is strugging with life and needs some hope. I believe that the Lord has
stirred Ed Kurath's heart to write this book and bring a few simple truths to us, so that
we may find healing....and rest."  .

By         T.J. (Washington)

"I have been married over 25 wonderful years to the man of my dreams. My world
came crashing down when my husband came to me and said I don't love you the
same, I have no passion for you; I just want to be alone! I truly thought I was going to
die. Fear set in and I realized that when I am pushed to any degree, I typically respond
in fear! My husband and I met with our pastors and shared all, they suggested
counseling. I begged for us to go. My husband refused. My heart and soul were
crushed. My pastor suggested Edward Kurath and gave me his book; I Will Give You
Rest. As I began reading the book, the principles in the book immediately spoke to
me. I called Ed and scheduled a one week intensive counseling session. During the
week, I was so blessed by the anointed gifts in Ed; we worked through many things
pertaining to my life, he taught me to listen to my Treasure Inside and showed me how
and why I had shut that part of me out. During our sessions I felt poured into, loved,
and strengthened with God's truth. While in session, Ed helped me apply the biblically
sound principles written in his book. I came home and immediately I could hear my
husband's Treasure Inside. We were able to retrace hurtful times, implement
forgiveness and begin to heal. My husband spoke some of the very same words to
me that I could not hear his heart and place value in him before reading the book. I
hear him now and am so blessed to say our marriage is in repair. We are
communicating at a completely different level. My husband told me he is dedicated to
our marriage. Praise God! I am now walking out blessing my husband, family and
friends by using the tools I learned from reading Ed's book and spending the week in
counseling with him. This truly is a miracle, and I give God all the glory.
Forever thankful."  .

By A B, Tennessee

"I want to tell you what an amazing blessing your teaching has been in my life.  Over
the past two plus months I have experienced continued healing....you were right when
you said that anger can now become my friend.  It lets me know when something is in
my heart that I need to work on.  God has used it to draw me into a time of healing
time and time again.  I can say that I am experiencing life free from the seething anger
that always lurked under the surface.  I am able to keep my cool with my children now
not because I am masking what is underneath, but because what lies underneath has
no anger in it, for the first time ever.  You are right when you say that the personality of
Christ can become our essence in the areas of life that used to only produce bad
fruit.  It is amazing, miraculous, it is the answer to my struggle that I have prayed for for
years.  I am free, I am experiencing God's rest, I am the mom I always wanted to be, I
know what it feels like to be yoked up with Christ!  I see that I was never made to carry
the burden of judgement....only God is the just judge.  I have no ability to judge or
convict a heart....only he can do that.  I want to give God what belongs to him and not
try to ever keep for myself what is his.  
I also wanted to tell you that I have, tonight, taught two classes to about 25 women in
one of our local jails.  I have taught them the lessons I have learned over the past
several months.  I taught them how to get free and grab the promises that God is
offering them.  They learned what forgiveness really is and why God says judgement is
his and his alone.  It was a super powerful night.  There were tears around the room
and I am praying that women are sitting in their cells right now in prayer, getting free
from their bitter roots!
I thank you from the bottom of my heart!"  .

By Steve Crosby (North Carolina)

"This is the best book on counseling and inner healing issues from a Christian
perspective that I know of. Compassionate, insightful, yet biblically sound."  .

C M (Washington)

"I"I Will Give You Rest", is a book about how to cease striving in one's Christian walk,
how to enter into rest with oneself and God. Especially for anyone who has ever fallen
into the trap of legalism, it is a joyful deliverance if applied to one's life. For anyone
who has struggled with self-hate and self-condemnation, or with besetting sin, this
book and its author speak abundant mercy and healing. This book does not provide
an easy answer, but an immediate, gentle, very doable answer. It is a day-by-day,
hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute deliverance. When practiced as intended, it leads out
gently, one step at a time. If one continues in the truth provided in this book, and in
fellowship with Jesus and His followers, there is great reward and all things are
possible."  .

By Judy Ozer Legare (Boca Raton, Florida)

"Hello Ed,

I wanted to thank you so much for your e-mail informing me of your new book.  I can't
wait to read it.
"I Will Give You Rest" is beyond precious, and has been so incredibly helpful to myself
and my husband.  I think I bought out all or most of the copies at Amazon to forward to
I feel that it is truly UNFORTUNATE that your message is not presently taught in
Churches.  I am thinking of starting a group someday soon (you mentioned that I Will
Give You Rest is available in DVD/Summary format).
It is really an amazing story how I came upon your book.  I'd love to share it with you
someday soon.
Your book has truly inspired me in following the path of becoming a Christian
You are beyond amazing, Edward Kurath, and you have truly touched and made a
huge difference in my life.
I hope that God grants me the opportunity to meet you someday."  .

By Caroline Rousseau (Quebec, Canada)

"Your first book has been a milestone in my life. My circumstances were very difficult
at the time, and my anger just got worse and worse. I had so much anger within me,
and my then 4-year adopted son was my main target. I felt so much remorse, and just
could not figure out why I could not control my anger. Your book has helped me
tremendously deal with past issues. I had been to counselling before, and thought I
had forgiven my parents, my husband and other important people in my life for past
offenses. However, I just kept getting angrier and angrier... until one day I cried out to
God and asked him to help me figure out why, and how I could change. That’s when I
googled something about anger and Christians which led me to your website. At last,
God answered my prayer. I finally understood that I had this deep root of anger within
me because of my judging others. God has started a healing process within me, my
son and my husband."  .

By Nancy K (Virginia)

"The understand and insight God gave you has been the most amazing gift in my life.
It is very concerning so few have been able to benefit."  .

By Sandra Polischeck (Perry Hall, MD)

Hello Ed!!

"I just wanted to let you know that I have been experiencing incredible inner healing
over the last three weeks through the guidance and love of Jesus and your book has
been so wonderful in helping me find my way to Him on this journey.  I can't thank you
enough for your encouragement through your book and your e-mails and using the
Bible as the foundation for all of your counseling.
I have successfully weaned off of all the anti-depressant and anxiety medications in
only three weeks after taking them for over three years and it has been the most
freeing and rewarding experience!!
I still have moments that are not easy and I listen to these emotions and pray often
throughout the day.  I also have many more moments of peace and joy and I am
forever thankful for the happiness that I have found in my heart.  It is truly a miracle of
God to allow us to enjoy a close and personal relationship with Jesus and to open our
hearts to reveal the wonderful "treasure inside" all of us.
I have continued going to my new Christian church here in Perry Hall and my husband
and I have started counseling with our Pastor and his wife.  It has been very helpful to
me and I have already made a lot of new friends and we pray and share our love of the
I am so thankful that God led me to your book and started me on this life long journey
with Him.  May He bless you and your family!!"  .

By Marilyn (Ohio)

"I would like to share with you that after reading your online book I ordered it. That
same day, after ordering your book and starting to put into practice some of what I
had read, during the evening hours I had a healing touch of the Lord. The touch was so
absolute I know it was Jesus who did this. I cannot explain this, but what I prayed to be
healed of was totally different than what I received and I instantly knew the Lord had
put the first things first. Actually, I did not even know that I needed to healed of what I
was healed of. Sounds a bit confusing but I know what is written on my heart and I
know WHO wrote it. I am a beloved child of God.
The second witness is that I began to share some of the basic principles of your book
with my mother and my sisters. I then loaned the book to them to read for themselves
what I was sharing.  To say that it has touched them would be a understatement. My
Mother, who had extreme bitterness and unforgiveness was healed. Praise God! My
younger sister who was without hope and depressed is now regularly attending church
after about an absence of five(?) years. We all still have a lot of weeding to do, but I
feel that we are on the right road. We do a lot of turning and repenting every day. It
seems that there have been a lot  of blessings lately.
This may sound strange, but there has also been a lot of spiritual warfare going on.
So in closing, I  know that your book, which is a great gift from Almighty God himself,
needs to be shared .There are so many spiritually sick and undernourished souls
in this world who are really hungry for the Lord. I do not know what my part in this may
be , if any, but I will keep praying for the success of your ministry. God Bless you."  .

Regrding M.L ( Turku, Finland)

Mikko had a major tendency to judge himself.  He had a great fear, the fear of "I'm, not
OK" (the Big Hurt).  He was afraid of his customers criticizing him, and it was very
hard for him to admit he doesn't know something, because that would trigger his self-
In our counseling appointments he prayed about the root of this self-rejection.  Then
one evening he went to his saxophone lesson.  He had forgotten that he had placed a
spare reed inside the saxophone.  When he began to play for his teacher, the
instrument made a very strange sound.  His teacher called his attention to it, and
Mikko got red in the face and felt ashamed.  At that instant he realized he had just
judged himself.  He immediately prayed about this new bitter root, and the
embarrassment left completely. When he came to his counseling appointment the next
day he said, "Ed, it is so easy!"
He said that in the past he would have wrestled with the feeling of inadequacy for
days.  It was "easy" because he had let Jesus bear his sin of judgment.  .
Divinely  Designed
Being changed into the image of Jesus
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