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Ed Kurath
Ed is the administrator of this website, so you can learn a
lot about him and what he believes by exploring the

He lives in Colorado.  He is a counselor, author, and
teacher.  He has been licensed in Idaho since 1998 as an
Licensed Professional Counselor, and a Licensed Marriage
and Family Therapist.

He has a Masters Degree in counseling from Denver
Seminary.  He was a Staff Counselor at Elijah House
Ministries in Post Falls, Idaho for 4 years.

His rate for counseling is $60 per hour, which is negotiable
depending on a person's financial situation.

He does two types of counseling.  For people in the Denver
area, he does weekly counseling.  For people from other
places, he does an intensive week, which is 3 hours a day
for 5 days.

You can contact him at

His passion is to help people experience the rest that Jesus
promised to God's children.  He knows it is possible with
proper guidance.

Copyright 2008 Edward Kurath
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