Divinely  Designed
Being changed into the image of Jesus

Choosing A Counselor/Prayer Minister

Be very careful in choosing the person!
There are some counselors who apply the blood of Jesus to the
bitter root causes.

However, most counselors
do not.  Even most “Christian
counselors” do not.  We hear about this frequently.  Therefore, if
you get a referral to a counselor, ask for one free session so that
you can ask them about their approach.  If the blood of Jesus is
not their emphasis, don’t go back.

A List of Counselors/Prayer Ministers
We do know of ministries in a few cities that could help you.  
There certainly may be more, but these are the ones we know

The reason there are so few on our list is because
we are very
about recommending ministries.  We will only
recommend people who we know use an approach similar to
what I have written about in “I Will Give You Rest.”

At the same time, these are all people who are completely
independent from Edward Kurath and Divinely Designed.  They
have their own ministries, and we exercise no control over their
practice, fees, licensure, or any other aspect of their ministries.  
Therefore, we make no guarantee about the outcome you will
experience in praying with them.  We recommend that you
interview them so that you can decide for yourself if the person is
a good match for you.

Prayer Counselors are listed below by geographic


Fresno – Leslie Brandi                 – Leslie.brandi99@gmail.com
Orange - Peggy Heald, MA, MFT  -- mftpeggy@yahoo.com
                                   -- Phone 714-422-5227
Pasadena, Rancho Cucamonga  – Maria Berbee  
                                    - mjb_58@ymail.com
                                   - Phone 626-207-1333        
Turlock – Marietta Huizenga         – LifeMinistries@charter.net
                                   -  Phone 209-633-2202

Denver - Edward Kurath, LPC, LMFT - edkurath@divinelydesigned.com
                                        -Phone 303-642-0540
                                         -Website: www.divinelydesigned.com
                                          -For more details,
click here.

Jacksonville - Rose Boon                 – rose@sheepshed.org
Jacksonville - Libby Montgomery   -- yanceylibby@comcast.net
                                       -Phone 904-655-8688
                                       -Facebook or Skype: libby.montgomery1
                                       -For more details,
click here.

Maui – Ken Gift & Donna Bianchi – prayerministry@gmimaui.org

Grand Haven – Barbara Goff         – wholehearthealing@gmail.com
Saginaw – Ann Fowler                 – HISRM@att.net

Ava - Sharon Knapp                        - leavesofhyssop@aol.com
                                        - Phone 417-543-6555, or

McCook – Craig & Cheryl Christner – spruceroad@hotmail.com

Waynesboro - Wayne Kuhns         – springofhope.pa.net, or
                                   - waynekuhns@embarqmail.com
Lancaster - Ed Hersh - www.blurockbnb.com/healing.
      Debriefing for leaders, retreat, and prayer counseling ministry.

Fort Worth – Vicki Davis                 – eldervic@sbcglogal.net
North Richland Hills (Fort Worth) – Gary Lindenberger
                                     - lindenga@sbcglobal.net

Spokane – Beth Shewchuk         – counselorshewchuk@gmail.com
                                       -- 509-435-6277
Spokane – Sandra Skinner-Young – ssy444@gmail.com
                                    -- Phone 509-891-5574
Tacoma – June Ellis                 – junelorraine1620@aol.com

Menasha – Mark Preissner         – callmarkp@gmail.com

International Listing

Knobby Beach – George & Dorothy Mathieson – gdmat@bigpond.com

Helsinki – Elijah House Finland – elijah@elijah.fi

New Zealand
Christchurch – Elizabeth Taylor – candet@paradise.net.nz