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Other Books
There are several books that I recommend.  Those in red are
These books are not for sale on this website.

General Interest Books
Cloud, Dr. Henry and Townsend, Dr. John (1992).  Boundaries.

Eldgedge, John (2001).  
Wild At Heart.

Groothuis, Douglas R. (1986).  
Unmasking the New Age.

Joy, Donald M., Ph.D. (1985).  

Miller, Alice (1988).  
The Untouched Key.

Missildine, W. Hugh, M.D. (1963).  
Your Inner Child of the Past.

Olson, Dave & Linda (1997).
Listening Prayer.  San Diego,  CA:  Dave &
Linda  Olson. (difficult to obtain).

Palmer, Parker J. (2000).  
Let Your Life Speak.

Payne, Leanne (1994).  
Listening Prayer.

Payne, Leanne (1991).  
Restoring the Christian Soul.

Sandford, John and Paula (1979).  
Restoring The Christian Family.

Sandford, John and Paula (1982).  
The Transformation of the Inner Man.

Sandford, John and Paula (1985).  
Healing the Wounded Spirit.

Sandford, John and Mark. (1992).  
Deliverance And Inner Healing.

Smalley, Gary and Trent, John, PhD. (1986).  The Blessing.

Virkler, Mark  (1986).   
Dialogue With God.

Serious Bible Study Aids
Several of these resources are keyed to the numbering system used in
Strong's concordance, so that a student does not need to know Greek
to utilize them.

Berry, George R. (1981).  Interlinear Greek-English New Testament.
(keyed to Strong's numbering).

Brown, Colin, General Editor (1986).  The New International Dictionary
of New Testament Theology
, 4 Vols.

Brown, F., Driver, S., and Briggs, C. (2001; rpt.).  
The Brown
Hebrew and English Lexicon.

Bultmann, Rudolf (1955).  Theology of the New Testament, Parts I-!V.
(A bit rare, but usually available used).

Bultmann, Rudolf (1956).  
Primitive Christianity.

Elwell, Walter A. (1984).  Evangelical Dictionary of Theology.

Luther, Martin, (2003 rpt.).  
The Bondage Of The Will.
Translated by Packer, J.I. and Johnston, O.R.

Rienecker, Fritz (1980).  
Linguistic Key to the Greek New Testament.

Strong, James, LL.D., S.T.D. (1990).  The New Strong's
Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible.

Thayer, Joseph H., D.D. (1977).  A Greek-English Lexicon of
the New Testament
.  (keyed to Strong's numbering).

Wigram, George V. (1979).  
The Englishman's Greek Concordance.
(keyed to Strong's numbering).

Zodhiates, Spiros, ThD. (1992).  The Complete Wordstudy Dictionary,
New Testament
.  (keyed to Strong's numbering).

You may buy these other books at any book retailer.  Two suggested
internet retailers I have found to be reliable and low cost are:

Amazon.com-the largest online bookseller in the USA, especially for
new books (click here).

Abe books-the largest online bookseller worldwide, especially for
used, rare, or out of print books (click here).

Other Ministries
There are several other ministries that are very meaningful to me.  
These are all people that I know personally, so I know their hearts.  
You can access their websites by clicking on the ministry name.

Acacia Ministries
Founded by Sandra Skinner-Young.  Sandra has a specialty of
ministering to people who have Dissociative Identity Disorder.  
She is one of the few people that I know of that have a calling and
anointing to deal with issues of Satanic Ritual Abuse - a very
demanding area of ministry.  For people that need this type of
ministry, she is one of the best in the country.  She is located in
Spokane Valley, Washington.

Elijah House Ministries
John and Paula Sandford founded Elijah House in 1974.  They
were pioneers in the ministry of inner healing, and they have
written a number of ground breaking books.  Their ministry
absolutely changed the course of my life.  John wrote the
foreword to my book.  Elijah House is located in Spokane Valley,

Liberty Cross Ministries
Charlie Finck and I are dear friends - he introduced me to my wife
Kay!  Charlie has many years of experience in prayer counseling.  
He is an exceptional teacher, specializing in inner healing topics.  
He is located in Liberty Lake, Washington.

Living Well Christian Counseling
Kriss Mitchell was on staff at Elijah House for six years, and now
has her own ministry in Post Falls, Idaho.  A unique feature of her
approach is that she also ministers to the physiological influences
on our behavior.  She is President of The International Association
of Prayer Counselors.

Stephanos Ministries
Steve Crosby is one of the best Bible teachers I know.  He
pastored for many years, and understands the struggles of
pastors  Steve definitely thinks "outside the box,"  and yet is
absolutely sound in his theology.  I always learn important things
when Steve teaches.  Steve has authored several books.
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